WELCOME TO THE NEW PANCULTURAL AMERICA! Due to unprecedented demographic and social shifts that are reshaping the U.S. consumer market, traditional activation approaches are obsolete. These five game-changing insights can help you authentically reach and connect with the New American Mainstream:

  • General Market
  • Latino Culture
  • Melting Pot
  • Technology
  • Common Threads
General Market1 Latino Culture2 Melting Pot3 Technology4 Common Threads5

The new America is here and the Tipping Point arrived on August 22nd, 2014 at 7:56 pm EDT. The EthniFacts Interethnic Proximity Indexsm (IPI) Countdown Clock is a wake up call for a multicultural majority nation. Learn about the new timetable for cultural, social and economic transformation.

Proximity breeds familiarity. Where you live and who you live with affects your attitudes and behaviors. Why are Fortune 500 companies talking about Ambiculturalsm Shift, Cultural Parity and other America Reimagined market research paradigms? Let Ethnifacts show you the roadmap to interethnic innovation and growth.

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More than five hundred years after Christopher Columbus landed on the shores of the New World, America is about to be rediscovered. The unprecedented speed and scope of demographic and social change in the United States has turned us all into immigrants in a teeming terra nova that is being reimagined and reinvented in countless ways all around us, transforming the way we see ourselves and each other, and how we work, play, learn, love and dream.

In an era of diminished expectations and sagging national confidence, the time has come for a belated but inevitable recognition that the energy and optimism of America's emerging interethnic majority is one of its greatest assets in a socially-networked, culturally-connected world. The reimagining of America also alerts us to how the cultural and economic contributions of Hispanics, African Americans, Asian and other groups are breathing new life into the traditional values of hard work, faith, family and community that bind us all together and provide the underlying strength and durability of our expanding social fabric...