EthniFacts Keywords and Paradigms

The ability and willingness to function competently in two cultures or someone with that ability and willingness. For U.S. Multiculturals, this is not a transition between two cultures; it is an aspirational and behavioral destination that includes cultural behavioral shift from both the unassimilated and the assimilated sides of the traditional culture change model.

While in spirit, it is similar to Ambiculturalsm, in the context of U.S. marketing, this term has been used to define Multiculturals who are in a transitional phase of their acculturation process, but are not quite American yet.

The emerging trend of having significant and effectively equal exchange and adoption of cultural traits between Ethnics and non-Ethnics, with Ethnic influence on American culture occurring at rates similar to the influence of American national culture on Ethnics.

The inter-cultural space where Multiculturals and the General Culture share an affinity and interest in cultural exchange and embrace diversity as a positive force in their own lives and society in general. We have identified the relationship between technology, proximity, and psychology that help define this space and enable activation.

The recent and fast emerging capability in particular of U.S. Latinos to become well integrated into the American national culture and successfully retain significant elements of their country of origin culture. This phenomenon is unprecedented in U.S. cultural history and is being made possible by the use of personal technology for borderless social networking and by societal forces that celebrate ethnicity.

EthniFacts proprietary exploration of and methodology for identifying and codifying the psycho, socio, and demographic attributes, attitudes, and behaviors of diverse ethnicities and races. The common and disparate threads identified through this process make up the cultural DNA that drives consumerism and civic engagement. The application of insights and learnings based on these interethnic drivers is the core of EthniFacts' unique value proposition.

The Interethnic Proximity Indexsm (IPI) is a U.S. Census-based indicator of the combined percentage of national, state and metro area populations that includes Hispanics, African American, Asians and non-Hispanic whites who are cohabitating with or related to a person of another ethnicity or race, and/or living in an area with a high multicultural density.